Can the Universal laws of life succeed where the economic theories of men have failed?

Kim Andrew Lincoln believes so, saying ‘that it is time to take a more spiritual approach to solving our economic problems’ in his theosophical expose…

…………………… A Golden Age Economy


The key to the door of illumination concerning the economy is to understand that the good life, the abundant life, the life of ever increasing prosperity is not governed by whether or not we base our economic policies on the theories of John Maynard Keynes (Keynesianism); Milton Friedman (Monetarism); or the founders of the Austrian School of Economics or any other economic theory conceived in the minds of men – no matter how credible they may seem. Our economic success – indeed our success in all things – can only be assured if we faithfully follow the Universal Laws of Life, the Laws which form the framework of the Universe and that hold it together. These are the Laws by virtue of which all things are made and sustained. They are the Laws that were conceived by the Primary Creator before he started to create the worlds of spirit and form – before he issued the command: “Let there be Light.” Without these Laws the Cosmos, the Stars and the Planets would simply not exist.

These Laws govern mathematically yet, with the spontaneity of mercy’s flame, all manifestation throughout the Cosmos in the planes of Spirit and Matter. These Universal Laws are the signposts to the Truth of ‘All that is’. They are our teachers and our guides and thus we ignore them at our peril.

A Golden Age Economy tells the incredible story of how and why we have an economy that does not work for 99% of people, and what was done after the economic crisis to bring unparalleled prosperity to all.

It unravels a dark history that enables us to see clearly why the world has been designed to fail, so that nothing works; where there is poverty, wickedness and corruption, and where everything that once was pure has been perverted and poisoned by the power elite. It reveals the evil plans of the fallen ones and unearths many of the mind-blowing secrets they have used to enslave the world for thousands of years.


The book offers workable solutions to the problems it identifies, whilst the author explains what we can do to create an economy that eradicates poverty and that will benefit everyone who multiplies their talents, without causing harm to each other or our planet. It is a blueprint to help a Golden Age economy manifest.

This exposé is a must-read for those who have had enough of our present economic problems and who want someone to explain to them what needs to be done to put things right. It will also appeal to truth seekers, students of economics and anyone who wants to know how to bring more abundance – material and otherwise – into their lives.


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