This ground-breaking book explains how we can benefit from unparelleled prosperity - impossible with the present financial system. Drawing on the wisdom of ages it answers vital questions about our lives, with the focus on how we can create abundance for all, without harming ourselves, and our planet.

Here are just some of the questions the book answers:


In part 1: How to set up an economy that works for all

• Is there a set of Universal Laws that, if observed, will enable us to create the abundant life in money, happiness and health, and, if so, what are they and how do they work?
• Do individuals have the power to make a difference?

In Part 2: Why the present economy only benefits the few

• Who really controls the world, how do they operate, and what are their plans?
• Why do a select few own most of the world’s wealth, while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet?
• Why is it that in the natural world abundance is the norm, but in the human world there is a chronic lack of nourishing food, decent housing and affordable healthcare?
• It has been said that the money and banking system is the root cause of all our economic ills. How can that be?
• Will the massive increase in world debt (up over 60% since 2008) be the cause of a much bigger economic crash soon?
• If an ‘Enlightened Free Enterprise’ system is the most effective and equitable way to generate prosperity, why is it not in use today?
• What can we do to dramatically improve healthcare outcomes while, at the same time, significantly reduce the burgeoning cost of health care services?
• Are my cash savings, investments and pensions safe?

In Part 3: A novel that looks back from 2112 at what happened with the economy.

• Is it realistic to believe that major reforms can happen given the catastrophic state of the global economy and international affairs.
• Is economic armageddon inevitable?
• What major changes in economic life are likely to occur within the next hundred years?
• Why is the right kind of music so important to our well being?
• What can I do to help a Golden Age economy manifest?

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Imagine that the bankers are stealing your wealth by stealth! Imagine that there is a grand plan to completely enslave you!

Read this dark, yet illuminating tale and get a different perspective on the growing economic crisis!

Be one of the few to know the truth about how the ‘funny money’ and banking system is really hurting you!


"Explains about a money system that we just accept, and how the dice are stacked against us.

This is a great book, explaining in story form the history behind money - and why we never have enough. Bit off the wall- but truth is stranger than fiction!

"A prescient read with a straightforward message

After the first few pages, the story in the book gives an explanation of the dodgy world of banking and how most of us are losing out big time. It reads a bit like a Paterson thriller which is great.