A mandala is a spiritual vision board (yantra) that displays, in a coded picture, a thousand words. The image talks to the soul. It by-passes the conscious mind (who thinks it knows everything there is about “reality”), and communicates with the soul who understands the coded message. It is a message of awakening, as it is your soul who knows why you are here on earth, and what you have come here to do. Your soul is far more powerful than your conscious mind, and if the soul could just wake up and  remember the mission.

The power elite knows this is dangerous to them, so they do everything possible to prevent the soul awakening to her true identity. The soul is the feminine counterpart to the masculine Spirit in both men and women. The soul is creativity, a co-creator with God.

Whether you are spiritual or not, alters not one jot the energy (the life force by which you think, see, hear, feel, speak, walk, talk and act) that is released constantly to you from your I AM Presence (Higher Self), and is distributed to all of your energy centres (chakras), via the heart, to feed and nourish those centres. We then use that energy with every single action we take, everything thought we think, and every feeling we feel. We love or we hate. We lift someone up or we condemn them. We are tolerant to others, or we blame and shame them. We fear or we trust. We spend our days acting out the dramas of our lives using this energy. We are told we have a choice and freewill, but the fact remains that we are all highly influenced to think, speak, feel and act in a certain way. Our choice and freewill are deliberately channelled in directions that are pre-ordained by the media – particularly in matters relating to what we perceive to be our material well-being.

In creative visualisation – made so popular by books such as The Secret – we are taught to visualise the GOOD we want by “seeing” a different future. We do this by creating a vision board of the life we wish to draw to us. We are taught that the thoughts we think constantly, and the feelings we constantly feel determines our future. If we don’t think about love, and feel love then we won’t manifest love in our lives. It is time to stop allowing our future to be determined by the carefully crafted news stories, articles and programming manufactured by the mass media that lull us into a false sense of security. The idea that those in charge know best, that they have all the answers when it comes to managing the economy is fallacious, because the evidence on the ground tells a completely different story. TV is used to hypnotise our souls to sleep, when right now we should be awakening to the truth that all is not well in our world, and that we must reclaim the power we have given away to those we have misguidedly trusted to run our economy, but who instead have perverted it. It is time to assert ourselves; to use the power we have; to take responsibility for our lives and livelihoods and thus be free again!

A mandala is a spiritual picture. This is a mandala about manifesting abundance. It is a vision for a Golden Age Economy to manifest in our hearts and minds. For only then, and provided that we approach things in the right way, can that vision be turned into reality by being brought forth into our physical world. I have reprinted the opening paragraph from the chapter entitled: The Universal Laws of Enlightened Free Enterprise, on page 18 of my book to provide further explanation:

The key to the door of illumination concerning the economy is to understand that the good life, the abundant life, the life of ever increasing prosperity is not governed by whether or not we base our economic policies on the theories of John Maynard Keynes (Keynesianism); Milton Friedman (Monetarism); or the founders of the Austrian School of Economics or any other economic theory conceived in the minds of men – no matter how credible they may seem. Our economic success – indeed our success in all things – can only be assured if we faithfully follow the Universal Laws of Life, the Laws which form the framework of the Universe and that hold it together. These are the Laws by virtue of which all things are made and sustained. They are the Laws that were conceived by the Primary Creator before he started to create the worlds of spirit and form – before he issued the command: “Let there be Light.” Without these Laws the Cosmos, the Stars and the Planets would simply not exist.

These Laws govern mathematically yet, with the spontaneity of mercy’s flame, all manifestation throughout the Cosmos in the planes of Spirit and Matter. These Universal Laws are the signposts to the Truth of ‘All that is’. They are our teachers and our guides and thus we ignore them at our peril.

“The greatest evil is not knowing God.” – Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus

This is your world, please choose its destiny.

A Mandala for YOU

The A Golden Age Economy and EL-Lea-Eye-Em mandalas were designed by Anni Law who is now accepting commissions from individuals and businesses. Following a private consultation, Anni will design a bespoke mandala based on your individual requirements. Each one is unique, exclusive and signed by the artist, and, as such, is likely to prove an excellent long term investment, as Anni’s reputation for exquisite work is growing.

More examples of her creations can be viewed on her website

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