About – A Golden Age Economy

This book is the story of two economies: the one we have now that does not work, and the one that the 99% would like to have. In these chapters I explain how we can move from an age of enslavement, where the riches of this world are concentrated in the hands of a gilded few, to an Age of Freedom, where those of us who are prepared to ‘multiply our talents’ – can reap the abundance – material and otherwise – we are meant to have.

This book has been created for the benefit of those who say ‘enough is enough’, who are fed up with the way things are, and who want an honest, impartial and clearly stated explanation of what is wrong with our economy, and what can be done to put it right.

This book is not the work of an academic, but has been written by someone who has spent his working life helping businesses and private individuals to improve their financial position. But though this is no textbook, I hope that students of economics will be drawn to it, as I challenge accepted economic theories and practice and find them wanting.

What sets this book apart from others that have delved into the iniquities of our financial system is that it offers solutions based on the principles of ‘Enlightened Free Enterprise’. Other points of difference are in the use of poetry and song lyrics as both a substitute and supplement to narrative, and the profuse use of quotations to explain and encapsulate complex concepts. Please, therefore, do not bypass a quotation, lyric or poem thinking that it is not pertinent – because it is. Indeed, I composed many of the quotes specifically for this book.

That this book is spiritual to its core, should not be a barrier to unbelievers, as this work is aimed at readers of all religious persuasions – but especially those of no persuasion. It is not my purpose to convert you, merely to convince you that there is a better way of running our economy, and that my way observes the Laws by which this Universe is made and sustained is incidental.

The material presented here is the minimum I consider necessary to appreciate the mind boggling scale of criminality and
misrepresentation of the truth relating to the economy by the power elite. But please be assured that my intention is to raise awareness and provide solutions, not to spread fear and disillusion.

Although this book is called A Golden Age Economy it is concerned about much more than just money and economics. In fact, the underlying theme is how we can create more abundance, and this covers many interrelated subjects such as spirituality, science, health, history and music. Yes, music is important to the economy.

That this work is written from the perspective of a westerner is irrelevant, as most countries today operate their economies in accordance with the tenets of capitalism – the obvious exceptions being Islamic countries and closed/feudal societies like North Korea. But I say now, there is much that the West can learn from the Islamic model of finance. Indeed, had we heeded the original teachings on money and trade that Archangel Gabriel gave to the Prophet Muhammad fourteen centuries ago, I believe we would not be facing the challenging economic conditions that confront us now.

I expose the so-called ‘free market’, which is anything but free. And much of what has been hidden, I uncover, as I shine my spotlight into the dark and illusory world of those who have controlled economic life on this planet for too long. I turn the tables on the money changers and speculators in the City of London and Wall Street and consequently, the financial elite and the politicians who support them will not like what is written here. I open up the sick and dying patient that is our economy to show what lies beneath its outer appearances. I point to what is killing it from within. And I expose those cancers that must be excised if we are to create the conditions for abundance to flow.

Our most powerful weapon is to expose what is really going on, so if these words resonate with you please tell others about this work.

This book is divided into three interconnected sections, called episodes, as this story has a beginning, middle and end. And, as with any drama series, this book will only make sense if the episodes are viewed in ascending order. If you are tempted to read this historical drama from the end backwards, or from the middle outwards, or in any order other than starting with episode one, then your enjoyment of this work will be compromised, as the story will not make sense.

In Episode One – ‘The LAW’ – I identify and describe the Universal Laws that relate to the economy and explain how they operate in conjunction with the hierarchy in heaven. I examine those spiritual subjects that are essential to our understanding of how the economy works, but about which, the details were deliberately removed from the scriptures. This episode also contains practical examples of how the Ascended Master teachings can help us in our everyday lives.

In Episode Two – ‘Disobedience of The LAW‘ – I analyse the devastating effect that the actions of power elite have had on the people and the economy, and how their policies have perverted all aspects of life on Earth. I also expose their secret plans, and reveal how they steal our money with their elaborate wealth transfer schemes.

Episode Three – ‘Restoration of The LAW’ – is my book of resolutions to the problems identified in episode two. The format is a series of student lectures that look back from a hundred years hence at what was done from 2013 onwards to bring about a Golden Age economy. I also outline what each one of us can do to assist the process of change that will make this vision a reality. My hope is that once you have read this book you will see the world through different eyes and that if you ever doubted that all things are possible, these words will give you the confidence to want to join me and countless others, in helping to establish a Golden Age economy on Earth.