About the author

The eldest of three sons, I was born in North West London in 1955 and spent my early years living in South Hertfordshire, before moving to Shropshire in 1989. My Father was one of the UK’s foremost Public Relations Consultants, who also spent many hours correcting my written homework. So thank you Dad.



I was brought up a Christian (Church of England) and have been a student of several ascended master sponsored mystery schools that have helped me to see a bigger picture than is possible with those religions whose official scriptures have misrepresented and/or redacted the truth. I am one with the motto of the Theosophical Society, which states: “There is no religion higher than truth”

Preferring work to University, I began my career in sales and later set up a marketing services agency that ran direct marketing campaigns for multinational pharmaceutical companies, and consumer exhibitions for the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce. Subsequently, I formed an exhibition organising company with my wife, Elizabeth, and staged a variety of shows in Milton Keynes and Telford. Our most notable success was ‘The Great Exhibition’ held at the Milton Keynes Bowl.

The I991/92 recession was responsible for me spending the next twenty years as a Financial Adviser, and what I learnt and experienced in that business led me to write, A Golden Age Economy. The book took two years to complete, six months of which, was spent on research and writing down ideas and thoughts on the subject matter. I had over seventy pages of notes and quotes, which I then separated out to form chapters. It was a monumental task, as there was so much I could have covered, but in order to keep the book to a manageable size, I decided to focus on those things that I felt were important for my readers to know.

I was still working on the book when my beloved Elizabeth was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and consequently, I decided to wind down my investment management business in order to look after her. She fought bravely on for another twenty-one months, but despite undergoing conventional and alternative treatments in the UK, Germany and China, passed in the late summer of 2013, shortly after my book was published. As you can imagine, I was not in the right frame of mind to promote the book properly, and though it was well received by those who read it, the initial launch did not achieve the level of success I would have liked. However, the release of my debut single, Funny Money, presents an ideal opportunity to relaunch the book, which I hope you will enjoy reading, should you decide to buy a signed copy here.

My career in music is documented on my sister website: www.el-lea-eye-em.com in the About section under the sub-heading: Origins/History, and also in the Kim’s Bio section.

Apart from economic history, my non-music interests include: writing poetry, numerology, history, spirituality and the mysteries of our universe. I also give talks on subjects related to how we can create an economy that delivers abundance to all people on Earth. And, when I can find the time, I would like to publish a book of my lyrics and poetry.