A Golden Age Economy Needs a Gold Based Currency

Kim Andrew Lincoln explains how we can create abundance for all in his theosophical expose……

…………………… A Golden Age Economy


Kim Andrew Lincoln’s ground-breaking book, A Golden Age Economy, packs a powerful punch as it alerts us to the systemic flaws in the money and banking system that Kim believes are the root cause of all the world’s economic problems. Kim calls the system a “Tower of Babel” and asserts that it denies us abundance in: “Money, happiness and health” whilst enriching bankers. He accuses them of “stealing our wealth by stealth” through usury, asset confiscation, speculation and inflation, created by “too much money, too much debt.”

“I wrote this book to give people a comprehensive understanding of how this system is so inimical to their interests, so that a momentum to replace it can be built. We are enslaved by debts we can’t repay, yet if we did, all the world’s money would be destroyed as 97% is in digital form, created out of nothing (on the strength of our creditworthiness) when loans are made. Usury must be abolished and a gold based currency established that cannot be  manipulated. Banks should not have the power to create and destroy money and thus control countries through the money system” says Kim.


When an investment adviser, he predicted the 2008 crisis and devised a ‘Safety First Strategy’ that successfully protected his clients from the crash. He left that business in 2012 and now works as an author and songwriter. His debut single, Funny Money, is being released to coincide with the relaunch of the book and serves as an appetiser to it.

The book explains how our ‘fiat’ money system (where money is mainly in digital form, and worth what the government says it is worth) ensures that we have an economy that only benefits the bankers (who create and destroy the money when loans are made, written off, or repaid), and that without a gold based currency where the money has an inherent value, and thus cannot be destroyed by inflation, recovery and a sustainable economy are not possible. Kim also states that as the total level of debt keeps rising the prospect of another crash worse than that of 2008 looms large.

Whilst the book unravels a dark history of manipulation of the economy by the financial elite, it is, above all, a blueprint to help a Golden Age economy manifest.


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www.el-lea-eye-em.com (the single, Funny Money)
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