Be one of the few to know the truth...

Imagine that the bankers are stealing your wealth by stealth! Imagine that there is a grand plan to completely enslave you!
Read this dark, yet illuminating tale and get a different perspective on the growing economic crisis!
Be one of the few to know the truth about how the 'funny money' and banking system is really hurting you!


"Explains about a money system that we just accept, and how the dice are stacked against us.

This is a great book, explaining in story form the history behind money - and why we never have enough. Bit off the wall- but truth is stranger than fiction!

"A prescient read with a straightforward message

After the first few pages, the story in the book gives an explanation of the dodgy world of banking and how most of us are losing out big time. It reads a bit like a Paterson thriller which is great.

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